Saturday, May 14, 2011

Feet, Part Two!

I'm happy to report that Gobie's feet trimming went better than I could have expected! What a good pony I've got.

I took a half-day off of work so I could arrive at Bonnie's in time for the farrier appointment. All of the horses were getting trimmed and wormed that day. When I pulled into the drive way I saw another of the boarders was already there.

So I got to meet Kahlua's person, Rose. She was very nice and we chatted for a while about our horses and how much we like Bonnie :)

I was in no hurry for Gobie to be trimmed. My plan was to keep things low-key and if it looked like he wouldn't be too much of a baby about getting trimmed we'd do it, but if he was having a fit about it I'd work with him more and get him the next time.

When the farrier, Ben, arrived we had Kahlua go first. She has shoes in the front so it took a little while. Bonnie showed up soon after they got started with Kahlua, but as they were nearing a finish Bonnie and I got Gobie from the field.

Bonnie thought we should try deworming him first. Surprise, he did NOT like that idea at all. He threw up his head and did everything to back away from us. But by that time Ben was ready for trimming so we abandoned that for the moment.

Ben introduced himself to Gobie with some scritches on his withers and some soothing words. We put some feed in a bucket and Gobie dove right in. He barely noticed Ben gently asking for his front right leg. He gave it up like a champ and before you knew it he was on to the next leg. We put a little more feed in the bucket as Gobie cleaned it out and before we knew it he was all done and trimmed! He tried taking his back feet away a couple times but Ben was firm and patient and Gobie was a willing pony.

Being the nice guy that he is, Ben offered to deworm Gobie, too. I'm not one to turn down help, so I said sure! Like the pro he is, he stuck with Gobie as he backed away from the paste. With patience and persistence (and some speedy footwork) Ben won him over and got the deworming paste in that pony's mouth. Perfect!

We turned Gobie out into one of the grassy mini-paddocks with the rest of his friends. His feet look beautiful!

His girlfriend Honey was next to be trimmed and he made an idiot of himself, pacing the fence line and calling after to her as she was lead to the trimming area.

Looking handsome and tragic.

Honey was a pro at getting trimmed, of course! She was done in no time and Gobie was happy to have her back.

A great day all together!

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